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Dakota Customs

Specializing in DIY Hemi Wrangler conversion kits

Hellcat JL conversions now available!


JL Hemi Kits

The long awaited release of the 2018 Wrangler JL hemi conversion kit is now here! Everything you or your shop will need to give the JL Wrangler the power it deserves.

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This just in

Due to the high volume purchasing of OEM Mopar parts, Dakota Customs has secured special pricing direct from Chrysler. We can now offer premier pricing on all the OEM parts needed to complete a Hemi Wrangler conversion.

It’s easy to get the whole package straight from the pros. Conversion kit, crate engine, and all OEM parts.


Hellcat Ram

Hellcat Ram conversions are now available! Click below to find out more.


JL Live Mod

Introducing the JL Live Mod, a comprehensive calibration tool for the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. This is a variant of the JL Tazer by Z Automotive that works seamlessly with Hemi converted Wranglers. It works on factory ones too. This product integrates directly with the Jeep for a seamless and simple operation. It is plug and play. Enjoy the following features:

-Adjust the tire size

-Adjust the axle gear ratio

-Adjust low range transfer case ratio

-Set the tire pressure range for the TPMS system

-Front axle disconnect elimination

-Rubicon sway bar elimination

-Much more

-New features are being developed constantly

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What if you could dream while you were awake? That's a question you won't even need to ask with a Hemi Wrangler. The exhilarating, kick-back roar of a V8 makes dreams come alive. Get the same out of your Jeep today.



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