Hemi conversions

In 2006 Burnsville Offroad made a breakthrough in hemi JK programming, and for a full 2 years had the only Hemi JK engine programs. All of this technology has come over to Dakota Customs.

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Dakota Customs is a Yukon Gear installer.


We use Borla stainless exhaust and headers on our Jeep Wrangler hemi builds. We also are the exclusive distributor of the Borla headers and catback designed exclusively for the Dakota Customs hemi JK conversions.

Click here to check out our hemi JK headers and cat-back-all made by Borla Image #2 Image #3

Dakota Customs. Hemi conversions done right.

A typical Hemi install will take 2-3 weeks. We use this time to not only complete the conversion but to also have adequate time with the vehicle for testing. After a conversion is completed we test drive the Jeep to ensure the conversion is at peak performance, this not only includes the motor but also all interior functions as well i.e. cruise control, heated seats, A/C, power outlet, everything is checked for proper operation. Our testing phase will take your Jeep through stop and go traffic, highway driving, and dirt roads. We do this to literally shake out any loose wires or hoses that could cause you issues after the vehicle is returned. Along with looking for issues related to the conversion we also look for any other issues that the vehicle may have so we can provide recommendations so you can get them fixed.

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Attention to detail. It's all we do.

Every conversion goes through a checklist while being completed. All welding is done by certified experts. Wire harness and hose routing is carefully done with everything properly tied in place. Any components that are close to a heat source are wrapped with protective shielding. All finished Hemi conversions are driven for a minimum of 100 miles to guarantee no problems.

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Contact us with any questions you have, or let us know that you're ready for your Hemi conversion. We can walk you through every step and you'll be driving your powerful conversion in no time.

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